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  Living a healthy lifestyle can be difficult to maintain. With busy lifestyles, some people need help staying focused and being held accountable for their actions. Coaches are trained to identify client’s resources and co-create a wellness plan. Optimal wellness is having the energy to succeed in daily goals. A wellness coach is a guide that helps people realize there potential for a healthy lifestyle. Setting goals, creating action plans, implementing behavioral modification techniques, and holding clients accountable are some of the skills that this course will provide. In a fast growing industry of health and wellness, certified wellness coaches are bridging the gap between health professionals and clients by helping people achieve sustainable wellness. A wellness coach can help with the seven dimensions of wellness: physical, mental, social, emotional, occupational, spiritual and environmental. Coaches partner with clients and help them figure out what is most important to them through powerful questioning, self reflection and action planning. Join the fast growing industry of health and become a certified wellness coach.